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November 21, 2008


Steve Yakoban

Kudos to you Michael! You will NEVER hear such an "outrageous" concept such as this in the mainstream media.

Yeah, foreign interests own a ton of real estate in NYC, they produce most of the consumer electronics, high end appliances etc. That's largely because they have had the foresight and skill to seek out opportunities in US markets. I agree with you that with logical restrictions, successful foreign auto companies can make products Americans will buy and employ many US workers. I mean, within an 8 mile radius of me in NJ, there are three huge tracts of open land where Ford and GM plants stood for over 50 years (one is a golf course now). If the US companies knew what they were doing, that wouldn't be so!

Claudia Zayec

This all sounds rational until you look at what the Big Three actually are to the nation.

They are not just a "car company". Henry Ford is responsible for creating the middle class being the first manufacturer to develop a model were laborers would be able to afford a car and home. Ford and GM also play a huge part to national security. Do you know that GM had manufactured more air planes for World War II than any air plane company in history. Lets not forget 9/11 were GM and Ford donated millions of dollars and GM provided the whole fleet for the rescue teams. Toyota did nothing more than make a PR statement on the regret of 9/11. I am sure they would step up to a crisis in our future (not!!).

Also, these companies continue to sell millions of vehicles and still are leaders in market share and it is ridiculous when you and media try to paint a picture that no one is buying their cars.
The biggest issues have been their submission to continuing to offer rich benefit packages creating legacy costs that could not be sustained in this global economy yet they were still evolving and surviving until through the governments the financial crisis brought them to their knees as well as the foreign manufacturers who are by the way be subsidized through their countries governments.

It is disappointing to continuously read such ignorance when there is so much at stake here!


Dude, the bailed out companies will have all the money. You're just trying to do the right thing here. Where do you think government contracts will go? Which cars will be part of a rebate program ? Which cars will keep a parts store open in Barney Frank's home town ? Which union will be saved by Obama ?
Yeah, it's that bad. Sadly, half of my fellow countrymen were stupid enough to vote for Obama.

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I agree with you that with logical restrictions, successful foreign auto companies can make products Americans will buy and employ many US workers

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