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January 11, 2007


Billy Oblivion


Basically Apple had three choices:

0) Cingular.
1) Verizon.
2) Start their own.

The reason Cingular is the leader in dissatisfaction is that they're the biggest consumer wireless company. Verizon and Sprint (I believe) do a larger percentage of their clients in the corporate markent (Nextel certainly, and they merged with Sprint). T-Mobile has a lousy network.

Secondly, ALL CELLPHONE COMPANIES SUCK. All of them. If you like yours it's because you're not paying attention.

Verizon absolutely CRIPPLES their phones beyond the very basics (you have to hack them to get file transfers over blue tooth for moving pictures off your phone or music onto it, they want you to use airtime). Cingular generally restricts theirs as well. Same with Sprint/Nextel. TMobile has a crummy network.

They probably shopped it around and only Cingular was willing to give them a free hand. Of course Cingular will do a lousy job, and there are probably penalty clauses in the contract which will let Apple start shipping unlocked phones, or do deals with other providers.

michael gibbons

Billy I agree with you 100% --thing is well two things 1) Apple used to do it right or not all or not until 2) No matter what Apple/Jobs does Cingular/At&T will ruin guaranteed

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